Safety is the most important factor in an adventure trip and, sometimes, simple interventions are all you need.

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Adventure travel: the responsible and safe way ahead

Safety is the most important factor in an adventure
The public conversation on risk management in Indian adventure travel is still nascent. With the
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How to build a people-first tourism initiative

Keeping the local community at the heart of a travel
Tourism is about partnerships and complex chains of supply. In other words, it’s about people
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Attracting travellers the right way

Here’s how a strong ‘product’ and strong
You have built a beautiful homestay or you have been working at the grassroots level with a rural
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The ground rules for community-based rural tourism done right

Tourism has the capacity to positively impact local
Rural tourism must grow in synergy with livelihoods like agriculture and crafts that are the
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Making a photograph speak a thousand words

Homestay and small hotel owners and experiential tours
In our age of social media, photographs are a vital tool for Responsible Tourism practitioners to
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Reimagining and celebrating Indian food

Creating a food identity that is authentic, local and
Many of us travel to eat! Trying out new cuisines and eating local have become the highlights of
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Creating eco-alternatives: from water harvesting to waste management

How to choose the right eco alternative for all
Starting a Responsible Tourism property can be daunting. One of the primary areas that
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How to build a community-led tourism project that truly benefits all

An interview with Manisha Pande, Managing Director,
Manisha Pande is Managing Director of Village Ways, a rural and community focused experiential
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Tourism needs to be a sustainable development tool for local communities and destinations

Paras Loomba, Founder, Global Himalayan Expedition
Zanskar is one of the most beautiful regions in Ladakh with some of the best trekking routes. This
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To host or not to host the #travelinfluencer!

Gana Kedlaya, Co-founder of Backyard Camp
Should one be worried when most travel research/studies over the last few years have been focused
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