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Looking for leadership in the midst of a pandemic

Global tourism bodies and governments should take the

We are probably at that unique moment in time where the world as a whole is looking for answers and ...
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Aquaterra Adventures’ Vaibhav Kala on the biggest challenge he and all of tourism is facing

Covid-19 has brought all of tourism, including

31 March 2020 Covid-19 struck India truly in the week of March 6-12, 2020. I remember it ...
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Adventure travel: the responsible and safe way ahead

Safety is the most important factor in an adventure

The public conversation on risk management in Indian adventure travel is still nascent. With the ...
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The strength is in the small people; the small homestays and farms will be resilient: Jose Dominic, Co-founder, CGH Earth Group

The hospitality industry veteran speaks about Covid-19

28 March 2020 Lockdowns, quarantines, no commercial flights, shuttered and empty ...
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How to build a people-first tourism initiative

Keeping the local community at the heart of a travel

Tourism is about partnerships and complex chains of supply. In other words, it’s about people ...
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Overtourism – tackling the problem of plenty

Too many tourists can ‘kill’ a destination and

From one intrepid traveller to busloads
of tourists—the distance between discovering a ...
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Attracting travellers the right way

Here’s how a strong ‘product’ and strong

You have built a beautiful homestay or you have been working at the grassroots level with a rural ...
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#NotBusinessAsUsual – time to reconnect and rebuild

What Responsible Tourism companies are doing as travel

March 24, 2020 In normal times on the grounds of Neeleshwar Hermitage in North Kerala roam peacocks ...
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10 commandments for travel companies

Best practices for dealing with Covid-19 created

March 23, 2020 The Covid-19 crisis is still unfolding with India on the cusp of a complete ...
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Case Study – Social Tours, Nepal

How a travel company in Nepal uses tourism to do

Social Tours started as an experiment in 2002, with the idea of channelising tourism for social ...
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15 questions to ask NOW!

What’s next for the Responsible Tourism community?

March 21, 2020 “When that great day comes, when we will be able to travel through our ...
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Meet the man showcasing Odisha’s native traditions and heritage to the world

Yugabrata Kar is one of the pioneers of Responsible

Odisha’s rich natural and cultural heritage has drawn discerning tourists from India and ...
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