Outlook Traveller

When Outlook Traveller was launched in June 2001, it was the first significant magazine aimed squarely at the Indian tourist. At that time, there were several well-established travel magazines on the international market, but Indian publications in this segment were more in the nature of trade magazines.

Outlook Traveller explores and celebrates the joy of travel. The sights, smells, colours, sounds of destinations – both offbeat and classic – are brought to life with design, photographs and production values of the highest international standards. What makes this travel magazine refreshingly different, both for the frequent and not-so-frequent traveller, is its pool of sophisticated writers. There are more than insights: every feature comes with an accessible, well-researched information section, which equips the traveller with the tools essential to execute his plans.

The core identity of Outlook Traveller is actively oriented to the travel aspirations and experience of our readership. The structure of the magazine follows the established formula of lifestyle features magazines, with a package of features framed in lighter front- and back-of-the-book sections. Outlook Traveller covers both Indian and outbound travel.

Over the years, Outlook Traveller has featured several articles advancing the philosophy of Responsible Tourism, and has endeavoured to inculcate in its readers the spirit of this Response Tourism initiative. Indicatively, the magazine has written extensively on tourism initiatives in rural areas in India where the local communities stand to benefit directly from tourism enterprises, such as village homestays, and conservation projects that protect endangered species with the help of local communities. This Responsible Tourism campaign ties in squarely with that philosophy.

Outlook Group 

In addition to Outlook Traveller, Outlook Publishing India publishes the popular weekly news magazine Outlook; Outlook Business, a fortnightly business magazine; as well as Outlook Money, India’s leading personal finance magazine. The company has also published a long list of best-selling travel guidebooks, the Outlook Getaway Guides series.

Outlook Traveller Responsible Tourism Summit 

An annual event where the best responsible tourism practitioners — from policymakers to stakeholders who work on the ground with communities — come together to share ideas and opinions, successes and even failures.


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