Solar cookers and prayer wheels – Spiti

What? Who said you can't mix work and pleasure? Build mud solar cookers, see ancient monasteries and take yak safaris once you recover from the shock of meeting beautiful, bold Spiti for the first time. [...]

1000 Waterfalls and Rain – Maharashtra

What? Chase the rain and rainbows in Maharashtra's wettest corner, and live the slow life in a village where monsoon feels right at home. Where? Dehna village, 130 km from Mumbai When? From July 15 [...]

Photo Fables and The River Nila Kerala

What? Take a cue from the monsoon. Drift along the River Nila and immerse yourself in the culture, crafts and music of its people. Where? Palakkad to Ponnani, where the river meets the sea When? [...]

Help Tourism’s Jungle Camps


Help Tourism’s (helptourism.org) reputation as a very reliable responsible holiday provider has only grown over the decades since they were established in 1991. They work primarily in the ecologically sensitive areas of the Sunderbans, the [...]

Explore Spiti With Ecosphere


If you happen to chance upon Ecosphere’s (spitiecosphere.com) Facebook page, you’ll most likely see photos of happy groups of people renovating stupas or learning how to make mandalas from a monk. Enjoyable activities all, and when [...]

Camping With Ex-poachers


It’s an unlikely partnership that’s a shining example of ecotourism in India. At the Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary (trekking and camping from `4,000 per person inclusive food and tent arrangements; periyartigerreserve.org), erstwhile poachers and illegal timber [...]

Snow Leopard Conservancy Homestays – Ladakh

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One of the first regions in India to really embrace the concept of homestays was Ladakh. Under the guidance of the Snow Leopard Conservancy Trust India (snowleaopardhimalayas.in), in 2002, over a 100 households across Ladakh decided [...]

Duenorth’s Saur Cottages

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Rural development, local crafts and sustainable livelihoods are central to DueNorth’s (duenorth.in)operations in Uttarakhand. Nature trails and wildlife sighting with local guides, crafts made in local traditions with locally sourced biodegradable materials, and restored cottages [...]

Village Ways – Kumaon

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It’s exactly how you would imagine a trip up to the verdant foothills of the Himalaya would be—sweeping vistas, lofty peaks, rolling pathways and superb hiking. But the way you see it with Village Ways [...]

Weaving fairy tales

Arundhati Nath visits the weaving village of Sualkuchi and falls in love with its exquisite silk mekhela chadars. As we speed our way from Guwahati [...]

Deep Forest

Regrowing a forest, one tree at a time, is how a privately owned reserve in a remote Mewar village is getting a second lease of life, finds [...]

Sounds of Music

Glimpses of the still pristine world of the Adi and the Idu Mishmis during the Orange Festival at Dambuk, by Rimli Sengupta. Pankeng Pertin was showing me around [...]

On Two Wheels, Slowly

Srinath Perur goes on a weekend cycling trip from Bengaluru to the Nandi Hills, and is blown away by the serenity of experiencing the land [...]

The Gathering

A food fest organised by 41 indigenous tribes and attended by another 140 from 58 countries. The indigenous Terra Madre, held in Shillong recently, was [...]

Where The Wild Things Are

Nature is welcomed with open arms at the eco-friendly, zero-waste Aahana Resort near Corbett National Park, finds Amit Dixit. The first thing you notice—and you can’t [...]

The Big Difference

Ethical holidays are better holidays. If you choose wisely, your holiday will be more authentic, more real than any package tour you can buy