I buy locally made handicrafts

I shop at local markets

I eat at local restaurants

I stay at home stays


I conserve water

I do not litter

I avoid using plastic bags

I try and use public transport


I respect local customs and traditions

I participate in local festivals

I try local cuisines

I cherish folklore


Find out more about Responsible Tourism and how you can play your part in it.

Because you’ll enjoy your holiday better, and make more memories while you’re at it. Why spend an entire vacation in a pool or room — no matter how spectacular — if you can share a meal with the locals, see the colours of a forest floor, taste a wild berry, or touch the cool waters of an ancient step well? When you respect a place, its culture and its terrain, it reveals a lot more than guidebooks ever will.

It’s simple, really. You’ve arrived at the right place if it employs locals, showcases regional food and culture, and truly encourages eco-tourism by reducing their impact on the surrounding areas, by discouraging the use of plastic, by better waste and water management, and by being mindful of the wildlife habitats.
Choose the ones that promote responsible hotels, homestays, and good tourism practices. Avoid travelling in large groups, unless you’re absolutely sure that the destination you’re headed to is capable of absorbing the impact of so many tourists at one time.
No, it is not. A tourist doesn’t have to be a volunteer to be responsible. Anyone who visits a destination can help the local community directly or indirectly by spending their tourist rupee/dollar in the best way possible.