Responsible tourism is tourism that creates better places for people to live in, and better places to visit.


Meet the people and places that matter. Do the things you haven’t done before. Live a little.


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“The Ministry of Tourism is committed to spearhead the movement of RT in this country in the true spirit of Incredible India.”
Vinod Zutshi , Secretary, Ministry of Tourism, Government of India
“Responsible tourism and sustainable tourism are not the same thing. Responsible tourism is what you do to achieve sustainability.”
Dr. Harold Goodwin, Director, International Centre for RT, Professor of RT, Manchester Metropolitan University
“I think people are looking for authentic, simple things. It’s not about escalating it into more luxury.”
Aman Nath, Chairman, Neemrana Hotels
“Encourage people to walk locally, go birdwatching… Have a strict noise policy.”
Belinda Wright, Wildlife Protection Society of India

Go Places, Go Slow

Every place has a rhythm. Find it. Feel it. Become a part of it. Here’s how…

Weaving fairy tales

Arundhati Nath visits the weaving village of Sualkuchi and falls in love with its exquisite silk mekhela chadars. As we speed our way from Guwahati [...]

Deep Forest

Regrowing a forest, one tree at a time, is how a privately owned reserve in a remote Mewar village is getting a second lease of life, finds [...]

Sounds of Music

Glimpses of the still pristine world of the Adi and the Idu Mishmis during the Orange Festival at Dambuk, by Rimli Sengupta. Pankeng Pertin was showing me around [...]

On Two Wheels, Slowly

Srinath Perur goes on a weekend cycling trip from Bengaluru to the Nandi Hills, and is blown away by the serenity of experiencing the land [...]

The Gathering

A food fest organised by 41 indigenous tribes and attended by another 140 from 58 countries. The indigenous Terra Madre, held in Shillong recently, was [...]

Where The Wild Things Are

Nature is welcomed with open arms at the eco-friendly, zero-waste Aahana Resort near Corbett National Park, finds Amit Dixit. The first thing you notice—and you can’t [...]


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